Medical Board Fights Back Against Telemedicine Antitrust Case

The Texas Medical Board, a state agency responsible for regulation physicians, filed a brief with the U.S. Court of Appeals specifically asking for a lawsuit brought forth by Teladoc Inc. to be dismissed. The Texas Medical Board is requesting the dismissal due to “state action immunity”. This state action gives state entities immunity from federal antitrust laws.

The case against Teladoc involves a rule adopted by the Texas Medical Board which requires patients to have an initial in-person physician exam for specific medical services. Teladoc Inc. believes this rule was established to “eliminate the use of ‘video consultations’ in Texas” and broadly limit patient access to telemedicine services in the state. Since Teladoc Inc. relies heavily on video consultations, this rule limits their ability to provide care.

It is predicted by law experts for the case to have a “wide-ranging effect” on the fast-growing telemedicine industry. In 2015 alone, more than 200 new telemedicine bills were introduced by state legislatures.

To read the complete brief filed by the Texas Medical Board, click here. 

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