Apple in Fast Health Company

In a recent profile piece of Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, he discussed the importance of diving deeper into the health care market. “We’ve gotten into the health arena and we started looking at wellness, that took us to pulling a string to thinking about research, pulling that string a little further took us to some patient-care stuff, and that pulled a string that’s taking us into some other stuff,” he says.

“When you look at most of the solutions, whether it’s devices, or things coming up out of Big Pharma, first and foremost, they are done to get the reimbursement [from an insurance provider]. Not thinking about what helps the patient. So if you don’t care about reimbursement, which we have the privilege of doing, that may even make the smartphone market look small.”

Apple continues to look into the future of their health care partnerships and contributions. It was reported in July that Apple had applied for a patent relating to telemedicine.

To read the full profile on Apple CEO Tim Cook, click here. 


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