CTeL Summit: CTeL 50 State Research Review of Telemedicine Regulations

On day one of the 2016 Fall CTeL Executive Summit, we will be highlighting a 50 state telemedicine regulation review. To grab your seat for this important discussion, register today!

State regulations on telemedicine lack uniformity and are in a state of flux, creating uncertainty for practitioners and others. This session presents the findings from two 50-state research projects recently completed by CTeL:

  • 50 State Review: Use of Telephone to Establish a Practitioner-Patient Relationship
  • 50 State Matrix: Telemedicine Prescribing—A Complete Review

State regulations on the use of telephone to establish a practitioner-patient relationship vary widely. Regulatory language on this key telemedicine standards issue ranges from explicit to strongly suggestive to non-existent. Learn where each state stands on this important regulatory matter.

CTeL’s review of prescriptive authority surveys the regulatory landscape for prescribing via telemedicine. Some states prohibit prescribing non-controlled substances without first establishing a pre-existing practitioner-patient relationship and/or conducting a physical exam. States may also prohibit the use of an online questionnaire to establish a relationship, require ER protocols, and/or require follow-up care. CTeL’s survey covers all these aspects of state regulation vis-à-vis prescribing via telemedicine.

Registration is now open, we can’t wait to have you join us at the table for these monumental discussions! Click here to view the full agenda. 





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