CTeL Summit: Is Your Telemedicine Website Compliant?

CTeL Executive Telehealth Fall Summit 2016
November 17-18 in Washington, DC

Fire Alarm!!  Could Your Marketing Ignite an FTC Sanction or Lawsuit?

Could your internal and external marketing be exposing you to risk?

Be at the CTeL Summit table to learn what marketing and online content can raise a red flag.

The Federal Trade Commission, with jurisdiction over truth-in-advertising, as well as private litigators across the country are turning their attention to telehealth marketing claims. They are looking to uncover what may be misleading, ambiguous, or outright deceptive, to find content that could constitute a regulatory violation or become the basis for a lawsuit.

No one is immune. Fortune 500 companies, health systems, insurance providers, healthcare practitioners — in fact, the entire telehealth community — must put all marketing communications under a strong microscope, to mitigate this risk and liability.

A panel of medical attorneys and regulators will conduct a step-by-step audit of both compliant and questionable telehealth websites and marketing. Learn what your online content – both visual and verbiage, both internal and for the public – should and should not convey.  Panelists will provide examples of online and other marketing that is catching the attention of aggressive litigators, and why.  Learn what actions you should take to engage in telehealth marketing that is both protected and profitable.

Click here for more information on the CTeL Excecutive Telehealth Fall Summit.


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