CTeL Fall Summit: Medical Malpractice Carriers’ Views of Telemedicine

Attendees at the CTeL Fall 2016 Telehealth Summit will not want to miss the panel on malpractice carriers’ views of telemedicine on November 17.

You’ll hear from medical malpractice insurance experts like Larry W. Hansard, Regional Managing Director – Health Care Practice for Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. Mr. Hansard is a 30-year veteran of the insurance brokerage industry. He has extensive experience in professional liability coverage for clients in the healthcare and technology industries.

This session will explore how telemedicine is covered under medical malpractice insurance policies and how insurance carriers assess the risks that accompany the practice of telemedicine.

All clinical encounters carry the risk of a potential medical malpractice claim, but telemedicine presents special considerations for the malpractice carrier.

Medical liability, like telemedicine itself, is generally governed by state law. Medical malpractice standards and regulations vary by state, and so do those for telemedicine.

To date there have been very few reported malpractice claims involving telemedicine. This means there is little case law to inform the assessment of telemedicine malpractice risks.

Most insurance carriers cover providers while they are delivering services via telemedicine, but they may specify additional requirements for or limitations to that coverage. Some also add a surcharge on the premium for telehealth coverage, which can vary based on risk, venue, whether the physician is providing services to a state without damage caps, and whether the service increases physician exposure.

In this session, malpractice carriers will share their views on what constitutes a medical malpractice insurance risk and what does not. They’ll present a risk analysis of various telemedicine practices and explain how they can impact your insurance premiums.


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