Working Group Update: Medical Specialties and Telemedicine Baseline Standards

On November 18, attendees of the Fall 2016 CTeL Executive Telehealth Summit will delve into a question of growing importance: What are the appropriate baseline standards for the practice of telemedicine for different medical specialties?

As the use of telemedicine has grown, the range of conditions diagnosed and treated via this care delivery model has expanded as well. The medical specialties involved in the practice of telemedicine are nearly as diverse as the medical field itself. The need to develop telemedicine baseline standards that reflect the unique characteristics of the various medical specialties is apparent.

A CTeL Working Group was convened earlier this year to address this issue. Its mission: to identify baseline standards for what each telemedical encounter must include before, while, and after engaging and treating a patient, taking into consideration the particular requirements of the different medical specialties.

This session will give an update on the working group’s progress. You’ll hear from medical specialty societies and patient advocacy groups and have a chance to weigh in regarding appropriate baseline standards for telemedicine. Panelists will discuss the steps needed to deliver diagnoses, treatment, follow-up, and emergency protocols that meet the medical standard of care identical to a face-to-face encounter while practicing telemedicine.


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