CTeL Summit Session: Telemedicine and Diagnostic Lab Tests

On November 18, attendees at the CTeL Executive Telehealth Summit will explore recent developments in diagnostic lab testing and their intersection with telemedicine. Dr. Steve Goldberg from Quest Diagnostics and attorney Charles Dunham from Epstein, Becker & Green will lead the session.

Telemedicine is expanding its role in medical care and has moved beyond the traditional hub-and-spoke model. Patients can receive telemedical care in the home, at retail clinics, and at health kiosks. The need to integrate diagnostic lab tests into these new care models is apparent. For example, timely access to lab test results can lessen the likelihood of unnecessary prescription of antibiotics by telehealth practitioners.

As in telemedicine, a direct-to-consumer model has emerged for diagnostic lab testing. Consumers are increasingly opting to order lab tests directly from laboratories. Direct-to-consumer lab testing poses challenges and opportunities for telemedicine.

While DTC lab testing represents an opportunity for more informed health decisions by patients, there are risks associated with the provision of test results directly to individuals with no intermediary interpretation by a health professional.

Can telemedicine practitioners fill the void? If a patient comes into a telemedical encounter armed with diagnostic lab test results ordered directly from one of these companies, does that change the physical examination requirements?

This Fall Summit session will delve into these emerging issues in diagnostic lab testing.

The Panelists:

Steven Goldberg, MD is Executive Director of Healthcare Analytics & Population Outcomes for Quest Diagnostics’ Employee Health Program. He is responsible for Quest’s Self-Insured Employer Medical Benefits Strategy. Before joining Quest in May 2016, Dr. Goldberg was Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at WellCare Health Plans, a provider of government-sponsored managed care services. He has also served as Senior Medical Director for Aetna of Kentucky and held executive roles at Express Scripts and Humana.

Charles C. Dunham IV, Esq. is an Associate in the Health Care and Life Sciences practice in the Houston and New York offices of Epstein, Becker & Green. He provides general counsel and representation to health care providers and health-related companies in a variety of matters, including corporate formation and governance, business operations and transactions, labor and employment, and regulatory compliance. His national health law practice focuses on clinical laboratories, hospitals and health systems, physician group practices, independent practitioner associations, long-term care facilities, and health IT vendors and software developers.


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