CTeL Conference: “Network Like a Rock Star” with Jaymin Patel

Networking to achieve organizational goals is a valuable strategic talent, and one that can be learned and used in virtually all professional interactions.

This is information you will receive at the CTeL Executive Telehealth Spring Summit 2017.

Goal-centric networking – with those outside the health care silo – is a skill set that the telehealth industry needs to master. It is a tool essential for effective, and profitable, engagement with potential customers, clients, or patients.

Leveraging groundbreaking organizational behavior research from top universities like Carnegie Mellon, along with his “Networking Science” Jaymin Patel helps professionals understand how to successfully network to achieve business and organizational goals.

This best-selling author of eight books has advised C-suite executives across numerous industries at a variety of Fortune 500 companies including NBC Universal, Miller Coors, MasterCard, and New York Life. His popular TEDx talk can be found on the YouTube channel.

During this workshop you will learn results-producing networking techniques to add to your business development toolbox.

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