CTeL Conference: Repeal and Replace: Telehealth Impacts and Opportunities

Twenty-two million people in the U.S. may be at risk of losing their health insurance.

Telehealth is the organic choice to step up to fill some care needs if ‘repeal and replace’ eliminates or curtails reimbursement for some health services.

But will existing telemedicine models be sufficient to care for an aging baby boomer population with chronic disease issues? Join this discussion.

Bring your ideas to this important dialogue on how current telehealth technologies can meet this challenge, and for the needed speculation on new ways that telehealth can become the health care safety net for millions of Americans.

For example, while the pre-existing condition provision under the ACA, which covers many chronic conditions, is likely to remain protected, telehealth’s ability to provide remote monitoring could bridge this, as well as other gaps if they occur.

Hear from federal policy analysts and federal agency representatives about what may be expected to take place as Congress moves forward with ‘repeal and replace’ legislation.

Hear from attorneys specialized in telehealth about the legal issues involved in changes to ACA. Whether the ACA remains a tax, as opposed to a mandate, is just one of the thorny legal issues that could enter the courts.

The insights you will gain during this discussion at the CTeL Executive Telehealth Spring Summit 2017 will be invaluable as you move your telehealth operations forward in 2017, and beyond.

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