Telehealth Lab Services? Doctor On Demand to Add

Imagine, if you’re a health care provider, being able to order laboratory tests for a patient at the touch of a button. Or, if you’re a patient, imagine being able to receive lab results through the mobile app that you use to connect with your health care provider. For Doctor On Demand patients and providers, both of these scenarios will soon be possible. As MedCity News first reported, the growing California-based telehealth company will be adding “fully integrated laboratory services” for its patients beginning this summer. Said Doctor On Demand CEO Hill Ferguson in a press statement, “By integrating with labs and upgrading our patient profile and follow-up care services, we’ve taken a major step in advancing the quality and range of services treatable via telemedicine.”

Doctor On Demand, which recently announced that it had surpassed one million virtual visits, will be partnering with Lab Corp and Quest Diagnostics, both industry leaders, to provide the lab services. That partnership will be the first of its kind in the industry. There will be an added cost (on top of the cost of the visit itself) to patients for the tests, but patients will have the flexibility to choose through the app where their tests will be run, based on price, lab location, and insurance coverage. Once the lab work has been completed, patients will be able to view their results, along with an explanation and follow-up instructions, through the Doctor On Demand app.

In Doctor On Demand’s view, there are a number of benefits to offering lab services in this way. For one, the company notes in their press statement, it “empowers patients to take charge of their own health” by providing them with choices, along with paperless electronic results. For providers, it streamlines and simplifies the process of ordering tests. Finally, it allows for the extension of the continuum of telehealth care, by facilitating further patient-provider interaction once the labs are completed—beyond just one telehealth visit. As company CEO Ferguson puts it, “We’re providing a higher quality and better overall experience, giving patients the unique ability to build a relationship with a single doctor, always putting the patient first.”

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