Coming Soon: CTeL Report on Occupational Therapy and Telemedicine

Stay tuned: A new (and timely) report will soon be available in the CTeL Resource Library. The report, entitled “Telehealth in Occupational Therapy Practice: Establishing the Client/Provider Relationship,” will focus on the evolving role of telehealth among occupational therapists and their patients.

Occupational therapy (OT) is one of the many fields where providers have recently begun to embrace telehealth as a way to connect with patients. Indeed, “the body of research-evidence within the field of occupational therapy has shown the use of telehealth to be effective by increasing access to specialist care and preventing delays in provision of services, providing increased collaboration and carry-over of treatment strategies, and improving overall therapist/client satisfaction.” But what does that mean for the patient-provider relationship—specifically, can it be established via telehealth? What other requirements, if any, are involved? CTeL Policy Fellow Daniel Rortvedt examines efforts that OT professional associations and state licensing boards have made to address that question, particularly “when state statutes/regulations do not specifically mention telehealth.”

You can expect the report later this August. In the meantime, visit the library to read our previous reports on a range of telehealth-related topics.

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