Medical Board Members: Join Your Colleagues at the CTeL Summit

Being a member of a state board of medicine today brings with it a range of challenges, from licensure compacts to prescribing regulations to the evolving role of predictive analytics in medicine. Come together with your colleagues from across the country at the CTeL Fall Executive Telehealth Summit during our workshop designed exclusively for members of state boards of medicine (one of a range of specialized, hands-on micro-workshops available to participants on the second day of the conference). You’ll have the chance to discuss key issues with your fellow medical board professionals, to hear from our panel of expert attorneys, and to learn how other state boards are tackling some of the central telehealth-related challenges they’re facing.

One issue that’s been on our radar at CTeL has been a growing trend toward state regulatory bodies seeking to overwrite medical board policy, often at the request of vendors. More specifically, certain vendors whose platforms utilize artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics are planning an aggressive 50-state push to change telemedicine laws and regulations for their own benefit—often with the goal of circumventing state regulations that prevent the use of questionnaires as a diagnostic tool. Even for boards with existing telehealth policy, this could present a challenge. Join your colleagues, and CTeL’s expert panelists, for the unique opportunity to discuss these issues and more in a hands-on workshop setting. E-mail for more information—we hope to see you in D.C. in November.

Click here to learn more about the CTeL Fall Executive Telehealth Summit.


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