CTeL Summit Panels Will Highlight Legislative Tracking

Simply put, it’s been a particularly eventful year for telehealth legislation. At the federal level, more than two dozen bills have been introduced—most of them bipartisan, and many of them targeting the numerous restrictions that Medicare currently places on reimbursement. States throughout the country, from New York to Minnesota to Texas, have enacted legislation that would make it easier to practice telehealth within their borders. And state medical boards, too, have weighed in on telehealth-related matters. What are some of the key pieces of legislation, and what do they achieve? What trends are emerging? What does this mean for the future of telehealth in the United States?

Allow CTeL to cut through some of the chaos for you. We provide comprehensive tracking and analysis of both the state- and federal-level legislation, and during two sessions at our upcoming Fall Executive Telehealth Summit, members of our policy team will be outlining some of the key recent legislative developments. One session will focus on legislation introduced and enacted at the state level, as well as relevant state medical board actions, and the other will focus on telehealth-related legislation introduced in the House and Senate. Both will give you a more complete picture of what’s been going on legislatively, and what’s to come next year.

Sign up for the Summit today if you haven’t already—we are almost at capacity, so we’ll be closing registration tomorrow! See you in Washington in November.

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