Telehealth Grant Opportunity: Maryland Health Care Commission

Looking for a telehealth-related grant opportunity? (And when you think about it, what telehealth program wouldn’t welcome potential additional funding?) If so, look no further than the Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC), which recently issued an official call for telehealth grant applications, with a focus on programs seeking to improve patient medication management. According to a press release from the Commission, the state “plans to award up to $150 to a single application to advance medication management and reconciliation through telehealth within a multi-disciplinary care team.”

Patient medication management, as we’ve noted here in the past, can often prove challenging for providers. Indeed, researchers have estimated that approximately 50 to 80 percent of people fail to follow their health care providers’ instructions regarding their medication. And the costs of medication non-adherence have been well documented; indeed, it’s the reason behind as many as $289 billion in health care spending each year. At the same time, telehealth and mHealth solutions have shown promise when it comes to helping with medication management. For their part, “the MHCC believes leveraging telehealth and HIE capability to optimize medication management and reconciliation will reduce hospital emergency department visits, inpatient admissions, and readmissions; enable the early provision of appropriate treatment; improve access to care; and provide cost savings to patients and providers,” the agency notes in its press release. To that end, “the goal of this grant is to advance pharmacist support to aid Maryland health care professionals in managing therapeutic regimens for their Maryland patients, facilitate medication compliance/adherence for patients, and provide educational information to patients and their caregivers regarding their medications.”

Each applicant must submit a letter of intent by 5:00 PM EST on December 11, 2017, while full applications are due by January 18, 2018. Visit the Maryland Health Care Commission web site to learn more!

Click here to learn more about the MHCC grant opportunity.


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