Spotlight on e-Prescribing at the CTeL Summit

Electronic prescribing (or the secure electronic transmission of prescriptions from a provider to a pharmacy), since it first came into use, has in many ways made both practitioners’ and patients’ lives easier. (It’s probably also saved quite a few trees by cutting down on the use of paper.)

How does the process work? How are prescriptions actually written? What laws and regulations are practitioners bound by, and how might those regulations be improved to meet the realities of the modern era? Come to the CTeL Spring Summit, on June 14-15 in Washington, D.C., for some answers. Our panelists will share their insights and their best practices.

Other topics on the Summit agenda include the impact of net neutrality repeal on telemedicine, the use of telemedicine in combating the opioid crisis, and an update on federal and state telemedicine legislation—among many others. Reserve your seat at the table today, and save $500 on the cost of registration by taking advantage of the early bird rate! See you in Washington.

Click here to visit the CTeL Summit site.


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