Those wishing to practice medicine in the state of Iowa need to obtain a full medical license.

The Iowa State Code and the Iowa State Administrative Regulations are silent on the requirements for prescribing medication to a patient over the Internet. However, there was a brief mention of the term “physician-patient relationship,” which was noted in the Chapter 155A. Pharmacy/ subsection 155A.13B. Pharmacy Internet Sites, of the Iowa State Code.

The Center for Telehealth & e-Health law is committed to keeping the telehealth community informed on emerging legal and regulatory telehealth issues. In efforts to accomplish this goal, CTeL has made available each state’s physician licensure statutes. However, for those interested in a more in-depth analysis of these statutes, CTeL offers its members access to a annotated statutory directory, complete with executive summaries.

Iowa Physician Licensure Statute
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Iowa Physician Licensure Statute – Members
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